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It should be noted that HALU Hong Kong will not put your personal information to any use except in below cases:

  • If we already have your consent beforehand regarding the use of your personal information

  • If it is required by law that we need to provide your personal information

Under normal circumstances, as defined by the law, we will not provide your personal information to any third parties.

  • *Please refer to this website's Privacy Policy regarding HALU Hong Kong's protection policy for your personal information.


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HALU 網站使用須知

HALU 網站使用須知

歡迎瀏覽 HALU 網站,這部份包含了此網站的使用條款。當閣下以任何方式瀏覽此網站時(包括自動或其他方式),即表示閣下同意此等條款;若閣下不同意此等條款,則閣下不獲授權繼續查閱或進入本網站。


HALU 將密切關注本網站的內容,致力為閣下提供最新最準確的資訊。我們不保證網站內容出現任何資料或印刷上的錯誤,任何因使用本網站的資料而導致的損失或破壞,HALU 不會承擔任何責任。此外,我們將不時更新此網站的內容而不作任何通知。









  • 若我們在使用個人資料前先取得閣下的同意

  • 若依據法律規定或法院命令下我們必須提供閣下的個人資料


  • ※有關個人資料的使用及保障,請參閱本網站的私隱政策


我們的網站採用SSL(Secure Socket Layer)加密系統,以確保閣下的個人資料及訊息得到高度的保護。當閣下向我們登記個人資料時,有關資料及訊息將會以SSL代碼發送給我們。


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Privacy Policy

HALU Privacy Policy


HALU Hong Kong strives to satisfy customers' needs in your point of view. We believe that having your trust in us is extremely important. It is also crucial for us to provide the best protection for your personal information.

We are committed in ensuring the effectiveness of the protection for your personal information to be always at the most secured level. To continue to improve our protection standard, we have adopted the JIS Q 15001 compliance program to best safeguard your personal information with us.

We have established the following personal information protection policies for implementation:

  1. Collection of Personal Information
    Please note that once you have allowed us to collect your personal information through any channels (including but not limited to this website), we assume that you have already understood the purpose of and have given us consent for the use of your personal information.

  2. Provision and Use of Personal Information
    We will not put your personal information to any use except in the below cases:
    - If we already have your consent beforehand regarding the use of your personal information
    - If it is required by law that we need to provide your personal information

  3. Proper Management of Personal Information
    To prevent unauthorized access to your personal information which may possibly lead to loss, destruction, falsification and leakage, we strive to keep your personal information as accurate and as updated as possible.

  4. Verification and Correction of Personal Information
    If we received any request regarding inquiry, confirmation, correction or suspension of use of your personal information, we will first need your confirmation on your identity before we respond to the corresponding request.

  5. Improvement of Personal Information Protection Policy and Compliance
    Complying with the laws of Hong Kong, we will review each of the above polices in a timely manner for the best protection we can provide to safeguard your personal information.

Guidance for the Handling of Personal Information

To take the appropriate measures to protect your personal information, we have established a Privacy Policy to ensure the safeguarding effectiveness. With regards to the handling of your personal information, it will be as follows:

Purpose of Use

With your consent of giving us your personal information, we will be allowed to use your personal information for the below (including but not limited to) purposes:

  1. Sending you information regarding our products (jewelleries, watches, accessories, etc.)

  2. Sending you information regarding our after-sales services

  3. Invitations for joining exhibitions, events & seminars

  4. Our marketing surveys (questionnaires, etc.)

  5. Sending you updates of HALU Hong Kong

Protection and Management

In accordance with Hong Kong laws, we strive to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information, which may possibly lead to loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of the information. In case of which our outsourcing contractors may have contact with your personal information, we take appropriate measures for the security of your personal information.



  1. 收集個人資料
    當閣下透過任何渠道 (包括但不局限於此網站) 向HALU提供個人資料,均於了解相關法則的情況下自願提供,而閣下亦已明白及同意有關資料的使用用途。

  2. 提供及使用個人資料

  3. 正確管理個人資料

  4. 驗證及更改個人資料

  5. 改善個人資料保護政策及承諾




在閣下同意而取得的個人資料,我們將用於以下各方面 (包括但不局限於):

  1. 通知閣下有關HALU最新產品資訊 (包括珠寶、鐘錶、配飾等等)

  2. 通知閣下有關HALU售後服務資訊

  3. 邀請閣下參與展覽、活動、研討會等

  4. 進行市場研究 (如問卷調查等)

  5. 通知閣下有關HALU 的最新動向